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Video of maiden flight of Grumman Goose at May 16 Float Fly

Next Float Fly July 11

Frank Ross sent a collection of pictures of the

July 12, 2014 Float Fly


Ed Float Fly

VE Day Washington DC  Flyover was streamed live
Archived event to be available in 24 - 48 hours
Largest gathering of warbirds since WW II

 Piloting the P-51C Mustang Tuskegee Airmen was AMA member and Delta Airlines Captain Brad Lang.


The flyover was streamed live on Friday, May 8, here is the video on YouTube

 Club Meeting June 10 7:30 PM Arcadia Red Cross


Anodized Metal license plate frames are HERE!!
Laser engraved, anodized blue, very attractive, appear to glow!
 $14, 2 for $25

Let use know at





SFDRCM Open House and Sale April 11 Report

Report moved to Event Reports page


 12 V Power Supply from Old Computer Power Supply

Need a 12 volt power supply (or an extra one) to charge your batteries at home from a DC charger? How about recycling one from an out of service computer for next to nothing? And save ewaste from a landfill? Win Win! The few parts needed are available at Orvac Electronics 1120 Shamrock Ave Monrovia (or maybe Radio Shack).

Click THIS LINK to find out how

12V Power Suppy

 DJI Phantom 3 Snapshot

Snapshot: Beautifully made. Like Apple products in design and packaging. White. Clean. Simple. Transmitter is
minimalist. No trims. Two flat insect antennae. Two control sticks. The throttle stick is spring centered.
A few LEDs, buttons and rollers. And a big smartphone / tablet holder. Setup requires the DJI Pilot app be installed
 on a suitable I-Phone or Android device - not all devices work so you may have to shell out
another $150 or more for a compatible one. [update: old Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 works, as should Tab 3 and 4. These older ones are availalble inexpensively. Make a sun-shade as they are hard to see in daylight. Tab 2 has a unique cable. Be sure to get it] A USB cable connects the device to the transmitter.
Phantom 3 Transmitter
Once connected, the aircraft and transmitter / tablet exchange a lot of information. Aircraft flight readiness,
distance, speed, alititude, battery state, camera setting, camera image, ground map with
aircraft location and route are all there. A few breathy female vocal cues play through the device, such as "takeoff", "landing" and "battery low".
Many settings can be changed and pictures and movies can be taken by tapping the screen or pressing a transmitter button. Even the flight path can be selected by drawing a path on the map with your finger (not attempted yet.)


How can you monitor all these things while flying? Easy, because in P (position hold) mode the craft
is super steady. On the tablet is an auto take-off button, Tap and slide to confirm and the motors come to
life, pulse once, and the craft lifts up to 4 feet, blinking and awaiting your next command. Push the centered throttle to rise, pull to descend. Once in position, the GPS / GLONASS stabilization keeps it in place. Return to home button is on the transmitter and on the screen. Atti and IOC modes can be selected by more experienced pilots for more adventurous flying. The Intelligent Battery claims to give 23 minutes flying time, and seems to deliver in practice, as multiple, multi minute flights are possible without recharging.

All the while the 1080P (Advanced) 12 MP camera on it's 3 axis gimbal is doing it's part do keep the camera steady. After all, the Phantom 3's purpose in life is a camera platform. Rock steady pictures and video are easy, and the 94° lens mostly eliminates the annoying and unprofessional GoPro and earler Phantom, horizon curvature. The camera tilt can be adjusted from the transmitter, and the picture is streamed back near real time via the built in DJI Lightbridge© technology with a claimed 1.2 mile picture transmission range. Sonic and optical sensors on the bottom of the aircraft make low altitude, eye level or ground skimming flight stable, with the possiblity of interesing video effects other than the typical high overhead shot.

SUMMARY: A very capable flying machine with a very good camera that (once set up) is very easy for non-RC pilots to fly. The ease of flying is good and bad.Like any flying machine, once in the air, situations can and will occur that require pilot skills. The Phantom 3 series, advanced and affordable, is attractive those with wanting to try aerial photography. Buyers need to be offered education on flight control, legalities and good sense to keep their experience and public perception positive.

Phantom 3


 New to Radio Control? Get a Quad, Heli, or Airplane for Christmas?
Don't risk a crash. Free setup and flight instruction!
Contact us at

Didn't get one but want to get started?
Contact us at


 Know Before You Fly

 Christmas Gifts

New Hobby Shop Specializes in Multirotors



We will be meeting Wednesday mornings 8:00am to 10:00am for those of you

who would like us to help you advance in piloting your machines, please

contact us about meeting so we are aware of how many people will

show up, this way we can focus on areas that you need improvement with. 

Why send to Hong Kong and wait for your multirotor parts? DJI Phantom, Graupner, Gemfan, etc.
Kits, parts, FPV, custom builds; competitive prices.

I stopped by and met the owner Tony. Shop is super well stocked with multirotor RTF, parts, video accessories, props, etc etc. Tony is totally knowledgable, friendly and willing to help. The kind of hobby shop hang out we all think we remember. Tony is eager to come to a meeting and do flight demos at the field. Stop by and say SFDRCM sent you.
Located at:
13953 #B AMAR RD
LA PUENTE, CA 91746 facing Willow St. - don't go into the center.

Arrow Highway Gate is Available.
Duarte Road Gate is being intermittantly locked again.
2015 keys available for renewed members.
Access via Arrow Highway may be restricted by construction activity.
Please be patient and polite.


Find more about Weather in Duarte, CA
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Newsletter On Line
We will now be delivering the newsletter only on line. See the Club Newsletter tab above to access current and past newsletters. Those requesting newsletter by mail will receive a meeting reminder postcard.


Float Fly May 2014 video by John De La Cueva, including Ed Villanueva's custom rescue boat.

 Aeromodeling Pioneers: The Good Brothers Video Uploaded

When the Cindy Good and Mallory Nelson, daughter and granddaugter of RC pioneer William Good visited, they left a DVD that was a very interesting documentary of about the innovative Good brothers. I have been able to upload this to YouTube for all to enjoy. This is fascinating and inspiring look at RC history, with interviews to preserve the presence of these brothers. As with many modlers, their interest in model aviation was coupled with significant technical achievements in other areas. Let us all be inspired by their work and their enjoyment of this hobby.

Video as approx 26 minutes - thank you to YouTube for permission for the extended length upload, and to Mallory and Cindy.

Good Brothers 


Meeting Time & Location Information
Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Arcadia Red Cross on Methodist Hospital campus
376 W Huntington Dr
Arcadia , CA 91007  map it
7:30 Second Wednesday each month


Meeting Time & Location Information
Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Arcadia Red Cross on Methodist Hospital campus
376 W Huntington Dr
Arcadia , CA 91007  map it
7:30 Second Wednesday each month


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