Meeting October 12 at the Field 

10:30 AM

Hot dog lunch included


SFDRCM Invited to San Gabriel Valley Airport Open House

San Gabriel Valley Airport (El Monte) will have it's open house October 26 - 27. Our club has been invited to display aircraft. This is a good 
opportunity for positive public relations for the club. Please CLICK HERE to com
plete our survey so we can
tell the airport if we can participate.

Rabid Bat found at SFD Recreation Area

Bats are mammals and as all mammals, susceptible to rabies. Bats are usually found in tree or cave settings which are not common at our flying site. In any case, avoid contact with bats at all times. Especially monitor children touching a dead or dying bat. The contact at Santa Fe Dam was in August. Anyone who finds a dead or dying bat on the ground should contact their local animal control agency to collect the bat for rabies testing. Any potential bites to people or pets should be reported to Veterinary Public Health at 213-288-7060.


FAA UAS Flight Authorization
Now Available and Required for Recreational Flyers
In Controlled Airspace

Under current rules, if you fly anywhere other than an authorized
club flying field, and in controlled airspace, the 
law requires you obtain FAA authorization
for each session. That is now possible (and necessary) 
through the FAA's LAANC
(Low Altitude Authorization
and Notification Capability)
1) Controlled airspace is defined areas around airports, 
where RC aircraft may conflict with manned aircraft.
This MAP will show if you are in controlled airspace.
Search for your location.
Zoom in to your location. If it is in a shaded box with a number, 
you must get authorization to fly.
2) Certain fixed flying sites (club fields, public fields) are
pre-authorized and do not require individual FAA 
authorization. (SFDRCM field is outside of 
controlled airspace and does not require
other authorization.)
3) The LAANC system, which has been in place for 
commercial UAS flight authorization, is now 
available for recreational flights in controlled airspace.
4) The LAANC system is available through cellphone apps or PCs.
5) LAANC will authorize or deny permission immediately along
with altitude restriction for that location and any
current safety notifications.
6) LAANC will not grant waivers for: flight at night, flight over people,
or flight beyond visible line of sight (BVLOS). These must be
requested in writing.
7) Applications that allow access to LAANC include: Kittyhawk, and Airmap.



Airspeeder Manned Multicopter Race Series to Begin in 2020


Crash Videos Shown at meeting

Next Float Fly Nov 16

Float Fly Report July 13
Very nice day. Clear weather, light breezes. Not really that hot
with the shade and breeze. Nice cold cut lunch - yay croissants! Thanks Big Ed for bringing the food and Ron C for bringing the rescue boat.
If you haven't been coming to the float flys, you are missing a fun time. And free park admission. Get you float planes ready for a sunny day on the water.
Members and invited guests with AMA welcome.
Area 5

Sepulveda Basin - Apollo 11 RC Field Reopened June 21


(Update June 24) Club has a 60 day letter of agreement, with 250 foot limit, pending final agreement. Letter of Agreement Other limitations include takeoffs to the southeast and landings from the southeast (awkward), and no flying when KVNY is in "north configuration". ATIS must be checked every 1/2 hour. Club will be responsible for enforcing conditions. Compliance may be challenging.

Night Fly / Meeting / BBQ
At the field October 12

Bring your night flyers
Slow Sticks with LEDS are great!
See Swap Shop for a night stick lising



Thanks to all the members for massive 
participation! Lots of aircraft and flying! 
Lots of spectators! Good food!
OK weather (overcast 'til 3:30 but not blazing hot)
Potential new members! Excited kids!
Eager helpers! The club and hobby well represented!









B4UFLY Mobile App Update

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has partnered with Kittyhawk to redevelop B4UFLY, the FAA's first mobile application, to improve the user experience so that recreational drone operators know where they can and cannot fly.

The current B4UFLY App will continue to be available to the public until the new App is deployed. The data reflected in the current App will continue to be updated regularly, but no new features will be added.

CALL EARLE 626 627 8284 or Bob Masch 323.855.9509 (Project Manager)


2018 Christmas Party Report

Thank you to everyone that attended the 2018 Christmas Party! Members, spouses and family enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner, spectacular raffle and socializing. Special guest Cheryl Thiele announced that she was looking for member airplanes to permanently display in the new Kaiser Permanente clinic in Irwindale. The club would be recognized as a part of the recreational life of the city of Irwindale. Wives were encouraged help their spouses donate "excess" airplane to this high visibility project. An email will be sent with details.

We also want to welcome the new Board members Cliff Ashpaugh, "Big Ed" Freeman, and John Flores. We support them in carrying our the mission and traditions of our club.

We also want to thank outgoing board members Rich Rannis, Dennis Souza and Josh Dawson. As with all Board members, they have worked to maintain the club mission, improve and protect the flying field (which is really our only asset), and keep RC flying a safe and enjoyable family activity in time of legal and technical challenges. We thank you!!



Click the image to see a short video gallery of Models of the Month from the 1990s. Names are included when remembered. If you know others let us know.

In those days there were no ARFs and everyone built their own airplanes and were proud to show the result. Craftsmanship was admired.

Pictures from January Float Fly

Thank you to Frank Ross of sending these pictures.
Thanks Don Bangle for pizza. 

Thanks Nature for great weather and a great hobby.
What could be better???

Click HERE for album

It Flew Well

Membership Application / Renewal Form Available On Line
New members dues $100 for 2019

Prorated each quarter
Click the image below to access the Online Application and Renewal Form.
After you submit it we will email you payment options. Don't forget your AMA has to be renewed also.
Renewals after Feb 28 will be treated as new members.
NEW MEMBERS: Please go to the Become a Member tab for necessary information.






AMA comes up with simplified, concise Safety Code

For a complete copy of AMA’s Safety Handbook please visit:

Academy of Model Aeronautics

National Model Aircraft Safety Code

Effective January 1, 2018

A model aircraft is a non-human-carrying device capable of sustained flight within visual line of sight of the pilot or spotter(s). It may not exceed limitations of this code and is intended exclusively for sport, recreation, education and/or competition. All model flights must be conducted in accordance with this safety code and related AMA guidelines, any additional rules specific to the flying site, as well as all applicable laws and regulations.

As an AMA member I agree:

  • I will not fly a model aircraft in a careless or reckless manner.
  • I will not interfere with and will yield the right of way to all human-carrying aircraft using AMA’s See and Avoid Guidance and a spotter when appropriate.
  • I will not operate any model aircraft while I am under the influence of alcohol or any drug that could adversely affect my ability to safely control the model.
  • I will avoid flying directly over unprotected people, moving vehicles, and occupied structures.
  • I will fly Free Flight (FF) and Control Line (CL) models in compliance with AMA’s safety programming.
  • I will maintain visual contact of an RC model aircraft without enhancement other than corrective lenses prescribed to me. When using an advanced flight system, such as an autopilot, or flying First-Person View (FPV), I will comply with AMA’s Advanced Flight System programming.
  • I will only fly models weighing more than 55 pounds, including fuel, if certified through AMA’s Large Model Airplane Program.
  • I will only fly a turbine-powered model aircraft in compliance with AMA’s Gas Turbine Program.
  • I will not fly a powered model outdoors closer than 25 feet to any individual, except for myself or my helper(s) located at the flight line, unless I am taking off and landing, or as otherwise provided in AMA’s Competition Regulation.
  • I will use an established safety line to separate all model aircraft operations from spectators and bystanders.
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