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In Memorium

 Last Flight

Please send comments, stories, pictures,or persons we may have missed 

Last Flight

Barry McLean
February 5, 1932 - December 10, 2017

Barry was a warplane enthusiast and skilled builder. He showed may of his planes at club meetings and usually had much to say about the quality of the kit and the many modifications he usually made. "Unlimited vertical" was a running joke for all his planes.

He was an honored veteran, and was honored by South Korea for action at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir as one of the "Chosin Few." He donated and promoted veteran and Marine support organizations. "Semper Fi", 

Tun Aung

 Norm Tessier

Longtime member, always helpful, and always a pocket full of mints to hand out.



Bob Hadloc

Robert 'Bob' Hadloc

Bob was an active member in the 1980s and '90s. He served as club president and other offices. He was a prolific and innovative builder in the era of wood kits. He was always eager to share his knowledge - and opinions!



Tun Aung

Tun Aung

by Perry Rosenberg July 2016

I am very sorry to report the death of Tun Aung. He was one of our flying buddies who often joined us on Wendesdays and Fridays. Few of you may know that Captain Tun Fia Aung was a 747 pilot for Singapore Airlines. He was also quite inventive and created many a customized plane out of Dollar Tree foam and Hobby King servos. 

The Wed/Fri group really enjoyed Tun's company. He was always upbeat and charming and never failed to provide us with systematic accounting when one of his flying machines hit the berm at Mach 1.


Per the instructions of his family he will be cremated and his ashes will be scattered at sea. May he Rest in Peace.


Richard Neal

Hon. Richard C Neal

(1947 - 2015) Judge Neal was an esteemed member that shared his wise council with us on numberous occasions. He loved his models and according to his wife Barbara they are still hanging in his den.


Paul Bowman

Paul Bowman

We are saddened to learn of the passing of long time member Paul Bowman. He was always enthusiastic and positive. He took part in the Baker RC Marathon for a number of years. His craftsmanship and innovation resulted in Team SFDRCM winning on several occasions. Paul can be seen in the Christmas Party photo at the top of our page, second from left, light blue shirt. We send condolences to his family, and know he is flying with us from up above.

Bob Lamb

We are sad to announce the passing of long time member Robert "Bob" Lamb. He passed away November 20,2013. A regular at the field, known to many as Nevada Bob. We send our condolences to his family.

Bob Lamb

Joe Beer

We are sad to announce the passing of long time member Joe Beer. A regular at the field, and a hot rod mechanic and enthusiast. We send our condolences to his family.


A final goodbye:

Many of us in this club considered Joe as a great personal friend, I being one of them. I received valuable guidance that helped improve both the building and flying of my models. I have and will continue to pass his wisdom on to others that they may also benefit from his extensive knowledge.

Joe loved his VW van, dragsters, gliders and most of all his float planes. Enclosed is a picture of Joe at a recent Float fly.(CLICK HERE)

More importantly than his wisdom was his true friendship, for that I will be eternally grateful.


Until the very end he entertained me with his funny comments, his favorite one to me was “You here again, they will let anyone in.” I would answer “Someone left the gate unlocked again”. After that we would shake hands and pad each other on the back.

Until we meet again in a better place I wish Joe a final, but temporary, goodbye as I know Saint Peter has left the gate unlocked for him.

 Frank Ross

Katy Martin

Katy Martin


Outstanding member, club president, expert pilot, business woman. Katy was a great spirit. With husband Bob (in background), they worked for the club and were responsible for getting the permissions for our current field. They planted the (now large) pepper tree that gives us shade. The club purchased a commemorative AMA Walk of Fame brick in her honor in 2013.

Enrique (Henry) Arance


Not a member for very long before his untimely passing, Henry impressed us at the float fly with his Be-105, a marvel of modeling and engineering. He was pictured in a number of magazines with is fine models.

Dick Young

(ex Pres, master builder, excellent dentist)

Dick Young

Dick was one of our best loved members, always congenial and helpful. Also a very good dentist that many of us went to. He was an old style craftsman - all his airplanes were silk and dope covered, and many original designs. He was also active with the San Gabriel Valley RC League (we think he was president of both clubs at one time). He also was an avid skier.

To Be Added


Norm Morgan

(master machinist)

Ed Pitzer

(master machinist)

Ed Pitzer

Dick Mattie

(builder, designer)

Don Dewey

(RCM editor)


Norm Takasugawa

(long time member)




Claude Brown

(ex Pres, designer)

Dick Kidd

(RCM Technical Editor)

1925 - 2002

Richard M Kidd

He joined the US Navy when he was just 17 and served proudly in WWII. Was a tail gunner and flew in battles in the South Pacific from the USS Manila Bay. His plane was shot down and his best buddy died. He was rescued. Airplanes were his love and he turned his love of them into his career by building radio controlled models. He later became the technical editor of RC Modeler magazine. 

John Dolan

(ex Pres)

John Dolan

John came to the RC hobby later in life but took to it with enthusiasm. He was involved in many club activities including the Sierra Madre 4th of July Parade, where members walked the parade route with RC cars and teathered RC planes. He enjoyed the time he spent in his garage workshop. He came up with his own take on designs such as the wood-grain Contac covered "2x4" shown above at a meeting at the Sierra Madre recreation center.

Doug Conway

(founding member)

Doug Conway

Doug was one of the founding member of the Sierra Madre RC Modelers club. He ran Continental Hobbies, located in Sierra Madre and owned by local dentist, Dr. Arthur Major. He was very personable, and specialized in contructing the Kavan Jet Ranger RC helicopters, which was quite an undertaking the the 1980s, pre-gyro and pre-computer radio. These had mechanical mixing that had to be built into a wood framework that was installed in a fiberglass fuselage. Dr. Major was a skilled pilot of these. Doug was alway innovative and came up with some new products like an electronic RC switch for lights or glow that had not been done before. He passed away in 2004.

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