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The Santa Fe Dam Radio Control Modelers club is fortunate to have an AMA compliant flying site in Los Angeles county. As well as the enjoyment of recreational model aviation, our missions include promoting interest in aviation of all types and promoting the educational, technical and social benefits of model aviation.

We welcome visitors. Please read below.
If you want to visit at a specific time and day, we recommend you

contact a club officer to be sure you can get in.



The field is located near the southwest corner of the junction of the 605 and 210 freeway in Irwindale CA. It is open to members for flying every day from 8am to sunset. Most flying occurs between 8 am and noon.


Entrance to field is the right hand gate at the SE corner of Duarte Road and Highland Ave.


Click HERE for Google Maps Directions


From the 210 Fwy, exit Buena Vista Ave. Go south about 1/4 mile to Duarte Road. Turn left, drive past City of Hope to the end of the road. The gate to the flying field is the right hand gate. (The left gate is the City of Duarte yard, don't enter that.) For map software, enter 1850 Highland Ave Duarte, or Duarte Rd and Highland Ave Duarte.


Please follow the dirt road east toward the freeway, and make a sharp right U turn just before the freeway onto the paved roadway on top of the berm. Follow signs to the flying field. Speed limit 15 mph please.


There is a Gold Line station at the corner of Duarte Road and Highland Ave. However it would required a rather lengthy walk (or moderate but rocky bike ride) to get to the flying field.


Aerial View of Field and Vicinity (runway and pit area in upper right half of red circle)
See below for directions to entrance gates.

 Field from Satellite


Current policy (Oct 2017) is that the first member in unlocks and opens the inner gate (at the entrance to the paved roadway on top of the dam) and the last one out closes and locks it. Most flying activity occurs between 8am and noon. If the gate is open during those times there is probably someone at the field and you are welcome to enter. Please identify yourself to members. (They are shy but friendly creatures).


There is a restroom (porta-potty) near the runway. No water or electricity is available, outside of what you bring in. There is no trash collection, so please take out what you take in (plus a little more if you are nice.)






Our members fly a wide variety of model aircraft. For airplanes, wingspans range from 10" to 10 feet. Power is by electic motors, glow (nitro) engines, and gasoline. Foam Slow Stick aircraft, scale model fighters, ducted fan jets and giant scale aerobatic aircraft can be seen on a typical day. Many members fly helicopters from micro to .90 size. Most are electric but some are glow. An increasing number have ventured into the multicopter hobby, also from micro size up to 500 - 600mm size. We do not allow model rockets. Turbine and other exceptionally high speed aircraft would need approval from the Board as to suitability for our location due to proximity to the freeway and hospital.





If you are new to model aviation, we can give you an introductory flying lesson on one of our club trainer airplanes. With some ground school and a dual control set up you can take control of a powered flying airplane, against beautiful background of the San Gabriel mountains. Call one of the club officers to arrange this. As a courtesy if you make such an arrangment please honor it, or call if you must cancel.

If you have your own aircraft, we can help with inspection, set up and test flying by one of our members. If you want to fly your own aircraft you must have a current AMA membership card with you. We allow two 'guest' flying sessions, after that we ask that you apply to become a member.


The AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) is the national organization for model aviation in the United States. They provide insurance for our activities, and they lobby the government for the preservation of our access to the radio frequencies and FAA permissions we need to fly. For information about AMA MEMBERSHIP CLICK HERE.

Under the current FAA regulations, recreational and hobby model aircraft flyers are compliant if they fly in accordance with the AMA Safety Code and related AMA documents (regarding large aircraft, FPV, tubines, etc).

FAA registration is required for hobby model aircraft over 250 gram weight. However the club or AMA does not currently inspect aircraft for compliance. AMA does require identifying information be attached to aircraft.




The club has a number of events during the year to which spectators are welcome. These include float flying on the lake inside the Santa Fe Dam recreation area. These are usually on the Saturday after the club meeting in odd numbered months. We also have open house, swap meet, and the National Model Aviation Day event in August. Look on the website for specifics.


Float flys are held in odd number months (July, Sept, etc) inside the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area. It is a beautiful setting and fun to watch or participate in. Lunch is usually available. See posting on website and newsletter for details. See the Calendars page for dates.


We rely on new members to keep the hobby fresh and growing. Please click THIS LINK to go to our membership information page.

CLUB MEETINGS (revised 3/19)

The monthly membership meeting is on the second Wednesday of the month at the San Gabriel Valley Airport. This is located at the corner of Santa Anita Ave and Lambert Rd, also the location of Anna's Kitchen restaurant. Meeting begins at 7:30 pm with socializing starting at about 7. There is a raffle, show and tell, club business, and a speaker when possible. Visitor are always welcome.


RUNWAY COORDINATES 34.12874, -117.9660 


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