Become A Member

Become A Member

* NOTE: Guest fliers and their hosts must comply with "Guest Flier Procedures, Requirements and Restrictions." Make all checks payable to SFDRCM

Applications may be submitted ONLINE, by mail, or in person at the field or a club meeting. New applications are also accepted at regular club meetings. Renewal use the same application.

P.O. Box 93
Duarte CA 91009-0093


Current Club Members

If you are a current club Member, please log in before renewing your membership as there may be different
membership rates/types for new vs. renewing members. If you forgot your username or password, click here.


Club Membership


Regular adult members and life members have flying field and voting privileges, Junior members have field privileges with adult supervision. Social members do not have flying or voting privileges but the club appreciates their support. New memberships are pro-rated in the second and third calendar quarter. New memberships in the fourth quarter are at full rate and include that quarter and the next year at the annual rate.

Membership Period

Membership Period January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018

Dues/Fees (Value Required)
  • Dues/Fees Annual Adult Membership (Renewal) paid w Paypal - $83.00
  • Junior Membership (19 or younger) - $10.00
  • Annual Adult Membership (New Member) - $120.00
  • Annual New Adult Membership Paid w PayPal - $125.00
  • Social Membership (New Member) no fly or vote - $60.00
  • Social Membership (New Member) no fly or vote PayPal - $63.00
  • Social Membership (Renewal) no fly or vote pd Paypal - $42.00
  • Guest Flier - $10.00
The Santa Fe Dam Radio Control Modelers welcomes anyone with an interest in Radio Control Aircraft (including electric and helicopters) regardless of their skill level.

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Training and Instructors

Our club has a number of people who volunteer their time as instructors to help novice RC pilots. If you are new to flying, we recommend you contact one of the club instructors listed in the club newsletter, posted on the club web site. We recommend you do this before you buy an aircraft or any equipment or so you have the best chance of being successful.

Any of the instructors will be glad to help you. If the first instructor you call is unavailable, please call another one. To receive flight instruction, make an appointment with your instructor, and KEEP THE APPOINTMENT or CALL IN ADVANCE TO CANCEL THE SESSION. Many of our instructors have stopped instructing because of the many students that didn’t show up. Instructors are volunteers and have lots of other things to do also, so please be courteous and considerate.